Thinking Smart: How To Boost Your Brand Exposure

Be Innovative & Think Outside the Box! Because being ordinary just isn’t enough.

We know it’s been said many times over but its the motto we live by here at Share Media Agency. Especially, when it comes to boosting our clients brand to the next level.

Let’s show you how it works.

Not only a short time ago our client, the Antiques & Design Mall, was a sleepy strip mall virtually untouched by its surrounding communities. What truly made it hard to believe was that it is located in a prime location on Biscayne Boulevard and 87th at the crossroads El Portal, the City of Miami and Miami Shores – three thriving Miami-Dade County communities.

But sadly, the mall was primarily known only to antique dealers and individual purchasers. So to boost its brand and grab the attention of the surrounding communities, we went to work developing tailored marketing strategies for this diamond in the rough to get it noticed for the jewel it is.

 We created an Antiques & Design Mall Art Fair along with #ShareArtPopUp. And they were a success!

Antiques & Design Mall Inaugural Art Fair

On top of creating a community engaging event for the mall, we also established a mall website, crafted an elegant mall logo and started social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram) on behalf of the mall that has garnered over 1,100 likes on Facebook since its conception only 2 months ago.

This unique gallery incubator helped drive foot traffic to a sleepy strip mall. It also served as a cross promotion venture that promoted artists and design brands housed in the mall and others that are associated with Share Media Agency.

Take a gander at some of the amazing results we were able to achieve by just being innovative and just thinking outside the box.


  • More than 50 different artists and design brands on display.
  • 500+ attended the Art Fair and Share Art PopUp opening night.
  • Sponsor involvement: Pinch Kitchen (Food Sponsor), Imagen (Publication Sponsor) and Blue Nectar Tequila & Purus Organic Vodka (Liquor Sponsors).
  • 1,000+ Mall visitors over the months of October through December. Overall foot traffic averaged 50 people a day.

Google Analytics

  • 2,162 Website Hits (30 days in campaign)
  • Average time on site: 2:30 minutes
  • 50% of website’s traffic was generated from social media campaigns.

Facebook Insights

  • 1,110 Facebook Page Likes (45 days in existence).
  • 253,972 People Facebook Campaigns Reach.
  • 12,364 Engaged Subscribers liked, comment and shared posts.

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