#ElPortalArtfair Artist’s Testimonial: Julie Brumlik “Open Card Now”

The El Portal 3rd Annual Art Fair was a fun-filled 2-day event that hosted a diverse group of  20 amazingly talented artists, one being Julie Brumlik.
Brumlik, a women of many hats, discovered 3-D pop up cards in Vietnam on one of her many explorations. The cards were so magnificent that she just had to bring them back to the states, that’s when Open Card Now was born.

Read the wonderful things Brumlik had to say about the #El PortalArtFair:

“I have only rave reviews! The El Portal Art Fair was smartly organized, with easy access, free parking, easy set-up, plenty of space for each vendor according to their needs: walls for hanging paintings, stands for displaying sculpture, a spray-painting booth for the incredible camouflage body-painting artist [Airbrush Hero by Avi Ram]. I had adequate electricity to run my own lights in addition to the good general lighting. I appreciated the big tent which protected all the art from rain and wind and dirt. That was enormously helpful and considerate. The staff was cheerful, resourceful and pleasant. They supplied a tall ladder and helped me string lights and banners. The best part of the show was the great vibe. The artists were well-chosen (all GOOD, no crap), and we appreciated each other’s work. The crowd came to enjoy and buy. Sales were very good. We were busy from the minute the Art Fair opened until (after) closing. This was the best run event of the season. Bravo! This show was a winner! I got to meet the Mayor!”

Visit opencardnow.com to browse Brumlik’s 3-D pop up cards.

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