From A to Z: All #ElPortalArtFair Participating Artists

You don’t want to miss out on the incredible artwork displaying at artists showcasing at the #ElPortalArtFair this year! Check them out and a sample of there artwork here:

1.Artist Make Dikarev captures still shots on old-fashion Polaroid film that distorts his photos into beautiful masterpieces.

2. Artist Augusto Sanchez has been creating all is life and always knew he would grow up  and continue to explore his artistic capability to draw, paint and take photos.

3. Artist Julie Brumlik of Open Card Now makes the most adorable cards that when you open them up you get a cute 3D pop out image. It’s a thoughtful and creative keepsake.  

4. Artist Jayda Knight selects the best images from her paintings and superimposes them on her Towallas, light-weight Turkish throws.


5. Craftmen InfinyToon has the cutest, fun sculptures both big and small that are great for the home, office and commercial space. Put them anywhere, indoor or outside.

6. Artist Miriam Rusin photography work captures the subtle beauty and true essence of her subjects, combining sensuality with artistic expression.

7. Artist Marco Caridad is an artists that find peace and harmony in painting. He has so many accolades for the creative work that he has done professionally and personally.

8. Artist Harmony Jones creates with natural elements. Currently, creating with hot beeswax and resin from a fir tree, which allows her to combine painting with her passion for sculpture.

9. Artbition is a fashion design company and store that creates and sells striking women and men apparel and accessaries that radiate as wearable art.

10. Artist Donna Lee Steffens is a mixed media artist who produces art that reconnects to the human experience in vast degrees of ways, which shows that all is interconnected.

11. Artist Salvatore Baino is a Fine Art Photographer who made his mark on the world by interpretation. When he moved to the US he didn’t speak any English so he interpreted through photos.

12. Artist Orlando Mendez is an expressive painter whose art is both captivating and illuminating in color and form.

13. Artist Virginia Casado is a painter who gives is colorful visual concepts that brighten up any space and makes it funky, fun and exciting.

14. Artist Terry Barnes is a Miami, Florida native that has been self-taught at his expert painting skills that lead him to teaching art painting at the Model Cities Cultural Art Center in Liberty City.

15. Artist Melinda Gallop is a painter that has the ability to create without a brush. See her unique painting technique live at the art fair.

16. Artist Andres Poli is a mixed media artist who has a passion for sculpting and design. Just like his No Borders For Design Brazilian Furniture, his designs are elegant and bold.

17. GSN TV’s Skin Wars Season 2 star, Airbrush Hero by Avi Ram, will be in the flesh at this year’s art fair, showing off his famous airbrushing and camouflage skills live for all to see.


Make sure you come out on Friday, Feb. 3 and Saturday, Feb. 4 to see his magnificent airbrushing and camouflage skills.

Watch the promo video here.

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