Share Media and the Miami Arts Council Share New Exciting Results

Since 1985, the Arts and Business Council of Miami has been leveraging arts to benefit Miami’s economic vitality. By connecting creatives with entrepreneurs, ABC is able to bridge the gap between business and creativity. By hosting seminars where experienced industry players share their real-world knowledge to drive conversation, curating programs that connect entrepreneurs with and organizing events that bring the two communities together.

Recently, Share Media Agency has joined forces with the Arts and Business Council to provide the organization with a fresh approach to its social media presence. Through our collaborative efforts, Share Media and ABC have made terrific progress during our short time working together and are proud to share some highlights of our success to date.

The Miami Arts Marketing Project inaugurated its conference series

Launched in 1999, the MAMP program invites over 200 arts executives, business owners, and influences to participate in educational lectures, roundtables and discussions over a period of 6 months. This year in January, the organization launched a conference series that brings the best of MAMP together for a comprehensive weekend of arts-centered discussion.

Share’s social media efforts helped boost ticket sales and helped make the sold-out conference an overall success for the Arts and Business Council.

Social Media Reach increased by over 180%

Share Media Agency approached Arts and Business Council’s social media with a specific purpose in mind: increasing reach. We created specific, targeted campaigns aimed at bringing people to the Arts and Business Council webpage, using the conference as a call to action, and then used retargeting to reach those already interested. Through this method, we were able to increase reach to over 50K, an increase of 182% from November of 2017.

Additionally, Share Media also implement a content strategy for Facebook that resulted in significant increases in the Organization’s number of followers:

  • Total fans increased by 6.2%
  • Total Impressions increased by 47.1%
  • Total Engagement increased by 96.9%

The Patent FL Campaign Amped up its outreach

After nearly three years of providing free legal assistance to low-income inventors and entrepreneurs seeking patents, the Patent FL program received 4 new applications in two weeks times thanks to a dedicated campaign marketing the program on social media. In addition to the new applications, over 12 new inquiries have been received by the ABC in the same time period.

After only 3 months in, we are very proud of the results we have obtained for the Arts and Business Council. We are excited to continue the implementation of our strategies. As part of our content marketing strategy for the ABC, this month, we will begin to implement a storytelling approach to the organization’s posts on Instagram. These stories will help spur engagement, inquiries, and followers to the page. We can’t wait to share those results.

For those interested in learning more about the Arts and Business Council, we strongly urge you join us for the 14th annual Breakfast with the Arts & Hospitality to see what the Council does in action. You’ll hear speakers from the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau, the Downtown Development Authority, Brightline Central Station and Culture owl as they discuss tourism collaboration and profitable partnerships with George Neary, Vice-President of Cultural Tourism for the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau. Learn more here. 

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