Artist (Muralist) Renda Writer

Renda Writer is a “Handwritten Artist.”  Deriving influences from typography, poetry, public art and graffiti, he has skillfully created his own genre of art unique to his tastes and talents.  With a longstanding background in spoken word performance poetry, Renda began getting visual with his words in 2010, when he started writing poems, words, and phrases on found objects such as furniture wood, air conditioning vents and vehicle hubcaps.  

After a great deal of initial success in doing “Handwritten Found Object Art,” Renda began writing on walls, and became a viral sensation with his “Love is a risk.  Do it anyway.” wall in Wynwood.  Since completing that wall for Art Basel 2014, Renda has gone on to complete several more “Handwritten Murals” and is launching www.HandwrittenMurals.com to take his craft out-of-state and facilitate a Summer tour around the USA.  


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