Artist Gustavo Moser

Artist Gustavo Moser was born in Caracas, Venezuela but he lived in most states of the western United States for the past 15 years. He moved to Miami, Florida to reconnect with family and enrich his interest in photography. Plus, he wanted to find people to collaborate with in a meaningful way in order to produce “light creating” projects.

He taught himself photographer growing up. And as a traveling rock climber, he had the unique opportunity to specialize in Climbing Photography, which his work was published in different forms of climbing related media. But his interest shortly evolved and nowadays his main passion is scenery and the interaction of people combined with the symmetries between natural and the manmade world.

His dream is to photograph the most meaningful and beautiful places on earth, and include, in a single image, all aspects of life at each place. With that purpose in mind he helped develop new technology for tripods and robotic aerial assistants, coordinate projects that involve governments agencies and used the latest most high resolution photography equipment available.

The end result are panoramic visual images that are both impressive and stunning to look at.

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