Photographer Kevin Slack

Kevin Slack was born in rural Ontario in 1969 and worked on his family farm – but not very well. Slack initially pursued English literature at the University of Western Ontario but then found Visual Arts where he studied to be a painter. After finishing his Bachelor of Education, Slack taught English in Korea and then in Ecuador. Back in Toronto, Slack painted murals and taught English and Visual Arts in high school, and also worked in some cubicles.

As he continues to work in marketing and web development, Slack started working as a photographer mostly by accident. A vacation in Cuba in 2000 turned into a photography project that has lasted 15 years. About Cuba, Slack says, “Cuba is a song in my head. My photography is a means to transmit the tempo, the rhythm, the chorus of that song. If my work transmits the smallest part of the charm, the sensuality and serenity and, yes, seduction that I feel when I am creating it, then I can be satisfied.”

Since Cuba Slack has had solo and group exhibitions in Toronto, Canada and is part of private collections in the USA and the UK. Slack is featured in two anthologies by Bruno Gmunder: Kissed: Sensuality in Gay Art and Beautiful Vision, the Book.

Slack is most happy when he is working in Cuba, he doesn’t know how to salsa, and he seriously dislikes being photographed. Follow Kevin Slack Photography on Facebook.

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