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with Influencers.


We bring a diverse group of artists, designers, and influencers together to deliver a unique yet effective approach in the world of social media outreach.

By leveraging a broad range of talent and technology, the Share Network is able to maximize the benefits of each social platform based on each brand’s need. This results in effective, quality content that drives messaging home.  


Connect to new brands for exciting partnerships and collaborations opportunities, increase your follower base, and get access to exclusive perks, products and event invites.


Increase your organic reach and build your reputation by aligning your brand and products with influencers that can reach your desired audience.

Get More From Your Followers

The Share Network brings together leading influencers and connects them with reputable businesses for unique sponsorship and collaborative opportunities. We take special care to match advertisers to each influencer’s brand, to ensure that sponsored content feels organic.

Share Network Influencers get access to special events, exclusive merchandise and service perks as well as the support of Share’s experienced social team.

Grow Your Follower Numbers

Share exclusive content and product announcements and host contests that emphasize your value on the socialspere.

Unique Customized Collaborations

Take part in unique collaborative projects alongside top national and local brands that showcase your talents.

Exclusive Event Invites

Members of the Share Network get first-hand access to exclusive events including parties, product launches and more.

Join Our Network

Join the Share Network today to explore the unique opportunities available to both Influencers and Advertisers. Our Agency specializes in the arts and design industries and LGBT communities but welcomes business and influencers from any industry or specialization.

Maximize Your Marketing Dollars

We help brands make the most of the ever-evolving social arena by using the best tools and bringing together top talent and fresh ideas to drive significant impact. At Share Media Agency, we value and nurture long-lasting relationships with our network of influencers, so your brand is the first to know about new opportunities and potential partnerships with influencers poised for effective results.

We connect companies to established and emerging designer, artistic, and entrepreneurial influencers to develop partnerships and curate sponsorships that earn products market recognition and trust. 

Increase Your ROI

Each dollar spent on influencer marketing compares in effectiveness to about $11 spent on traditional marketing, giving you a significant bang for your buck.

Build Trust and Awareness Quickly

Our influencers have earned the trust of their followers, many of whom turn to them for recommendations when seeking new products or service providers.

Grow Your Followers

Increase your follower count, break into new, unexpected markets or solidify your existing position by leveraging the popularity of established influencers.

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Whether you need hands-on management of your social media, PR, and marketing efforts or are just looking for guidance and advice during the crucial set-up phase of your outreach, the results-driven Share Media team is ready to assist you. We treat each client as if they were only one, making sure that needs, doubts, and goals are all properly researched, addressed and satisfactorily met.