A Boutique Branding, Public Relations
& Marketing Agency based in Miami, FL.
Integrated, Future Proof Solutions

Need a little? We offer scalable, a la carte services that range from logo design to event marketing. Need a lot? Talk to us about how we can help create or recreate your brand, launch a market penetration strategy, or develop innovative event solutions. We’re down for whatever.

With Social Media Engagement

Share Media Agency’s services are designed to help brands and entrepreneurs gain the type of exposure that significantly boosts their bottom line. We leverage our experience and our network of active influencers to drive real impact through creative social media campaigns.

With Precisely Targeted Campaigns

Reach the exact audience you want, or establish yourself within a whole new one with targeted, integrated campaigns. Through years of network and community engagement, we at Share Media are uniquely positioned to help you establish your brand within new, diverse markets.

It's Why We're Here After All

Our customers are emerging players in their industries and include artists, business owners, non-profits and charitable organizations, local government agencies, and communities at large.

Our Network at Your Disposal

Through our unique share network of ambassadors and social media mavens, we create content viewed by millions of users in multiple interactive platforms. We build your company’s reputation using share’s social network as part of our customer service and brand strategy.

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At Share Media Agency, we sit with each client for as long as it takes to get to know them before ever setting off to work because we believe that the best advertising, social media, and public relations solutions are always tailor-made.

Whether you need hands-on management of your social media, PR, and marketing efforts or are just looking for guidance and advice during the crucial set-up phase of your outreach, the results-driven Share Media team is ready to assist you. We treat each client as if they were only one, making sure that needs, doubts, and goals are all properly researched, addressed and satisfactorily met.