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Social Media Services

Every major social network has its own unique audience and purpose, and your company’s strategy, messaging and voice must be tailored to suit each one. At Share Media Agency, we offer a full range of social media services from strategy to reporting. We study and get to know our clients to develop goals that align with their overall business strategy and create a plan to meet these goals, regardless of budget.

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Through research and careful examination of our client’s target audience, Share Media Agency helps its client’s plot the path to reaching their desired results.

  • Audit your clients existing presence
  • Establish social media goals
  • Create a driving strategy

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Share Media Agency provides comprehensive social media management that helps engage your audience, increase brand awareness and drive traffic.

  • Creation of a rich content calendar
  • Guage trends and performance through social listening
  • Full-scope community management
  • Reputation Management

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We work closely with you to maximize your paid and organic digital marketing efforts with engaging, creative content, offers and promotions.

  • Media Planning and Ad Placement
  • Remarketing campaigns
  • Paid Social Marketing

General Strategy &
Social Marketing Consulting

Share Media Agency provides strategy, development, consulting and execution to bring all aspects of social media and traditional marketing efforts into alignment with unified goals and purpose. From managing the day to day needs of your social media campaigns to developing content for digital publications, we research and identify the target audience for your company in order to optimize your investment.

To help our clients make the most of their social media, we examine and audit our client’s existing social media footprint to identify audience and trends. This can then be used to strategize an integrated social media program aimed at increasing revenue, customer loyalty, and engagement.
As more people turn to social media for information, it is increasingly important to maintain a cohesive voice across platforms. Gone are the days of on-the-fly strategy creation. Today’s social media requires an understanding of each platforms unique purpose and audience.
Today’s active social media platforms give businesses a unique window into the minds and lives of their customers as they share their thoughts, needs, and opinions. Identify new trends and seize opportunities as they arise by listening in on the social conversation. 

Social Media Management &
Analysis Reporting

Share Media Agency offers complete social media management, or we can work with your in-house manager to create custom content to keep your audience engaged and loyal to your brand. With full transparency and in-depth reporting, you can be sure to be on top of your progress and results.

Create communities around your brand by cultivating, nurturing, and engaging with your audience through community management. Increase engagement and brand awareness with a community strategy geared towards meeting your marketing goals.
Maintaining a consistent stream of interesting content is often a difficult and time-consuming task for companies, regardless of size. We craft strategy driven, shareable content unique to each social platform, working with your company to ensure that your voice is heard.
With in-depth reporting and analysis, companies can steer and adjust their strategies to yield the most effective results. Get a better understanding of how your audience is responding and engaging with your company and leverage that information for future success.

Paid Media &
Social Media Advertising

Strategic social media advertising helps drive conversions, follower growth, and impressions. Using your social media budget wisely, Share Media Agency leverages creative ideas and valuable content to connect potential customers to your brand on social media.

Target online users with real client potential and make the most out of your marketing expenditures by laser targeting your social media marketing campaigns. Reach your audience with the latest, most engaging ad formats customized to your business, time of year, and location and audience.
Seize the opportunity to deepen your relationship with your customers. Bring the message home and stay on their mind with email marketing. Share leverages its own network of influencers and its own contact list to promote our client’s products, services and events. 
From boosted Facebook posts to sponsored Instagram content, there are countless ad placement opportunities across social media platforms. Place and monitor the effectiveness of social media ads and remarketing campaigns as part of your overall marketing strategy.
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