Taking A New Client To A Higher Level!

Share Media enters the Cannabis Industry! It is our pleasure to announce that we have been introduced to this booming industry through our new client KindHealth Florida. We are always excited to take on new clients where we can share the challenge to grow. Not only do we look good in pink but in green too!

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What is the challenge? Kind Health is a medical marijuana office in a highly-regulated industry that is still illegal at the federal level and rules will vary from state-to-state. As a law-abiding business, Kind Health faces the challenge of following the regulations related to advertising and marketing.

In order for us to give the best customer service to our client, we are educating ourselves through extensive industry research, attending seminars and staying up to date with news and regulations.

We are still working with Kind Health by giving a fresh look to the brand and creating original content to engage a new audience to increase sales and public exposure. Check some of our work with them:

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We completely changed the typography in the logo and created a fresh modern easy-to-read word mark, keeping the green color -but a less brighter tone- to avoid the risk of losing recognizability on the market.

branding, visual identity, miami agency, visual identity

To work on a visual identity, we need to know as much as possible about the brand, its business goals and its mission. Our client is a part of a new industry that is a growing field. Therefore, we created a modern bright visual look that represents confidence and a professional aspect on each element.

print design, graphic design, miami agency, medical marijuana

The branding is applied on all marketing elements, from business cards to flyers. For medical marijuana, a serious but friendly design is necessary to reach people and provide them all the information about the service.

We created a user friendly mobile and easy to browse website that organized all the information about the products and services that they have to offer.

At Share Media, we pride ourselves for coming up with creative and innovative ways to promote our clients’ services to new and wider audiences. Stay tuned for more exciting news!

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