#ElPortalArtFair Artist’s Testimonial: Augusto Sanchez

The El Portal 3rd Annual Art Fair was a 2-day extravaganza complete with a live concert, performance art, food trucks and a fresh farmers market. But the grand focus was on the 20 incredible artists that displayed their artwork throughout the event with one of these great artists being Augusto Sanchez.

Artist Augusto Sanchez is a born artist who alway knew since a young age that he would be using his natural talents in drawing, painting and photography in the grown up world.

Here’s what Sanchez had to say about the Share Media Agency Team and the art fair:

“Thanks for all the effort and passion while putting everything together for the El Portal Art Festival 2017. The set up was very well done. [I] love the way you guys created those gallery walls; it really helped me to have a beautiful and professional presentation. I hope we can work on more events promoting the Art Festival next year. I had a really fun time.”

Get a look at Sanchez’s beautiful art pieces on his Facebook at Augusto Sanchez Artist.

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