Innovative Collaboration: TV’s Skin War Avi Ram

Learn how collaborating with an influencer can boost your brand and marketing power. Recently, we partnered up with Airbrush Hero Avi Ram from GSN TV’s Skin Wars!

What’s impressive about Airbrush Hero Avi Ram, other than his incredible talent as an airbrush artist, is that he’s been able to create an impressive following on social media as an artist. With such high following, he is able to grab many people’s attention with just a single post. Harnessing that influential power maximizes social media exposure.

Here’s how we did it. We wanted a unique component to accompany the visual story board of our La Otra Cuba debut at our #ShareArtPopUp gallery. So we invited master Airbrush Hero (artist) Avi Ram, runner up on television’s GSN Skin Wars (Season 2), to showcase his impressive camouflage techniques.

Utilizing the resources at #ShareArtPopUp, we had Airbrush Hero Avi Ram live airbrush a model into the background of one of our hanging art pieces on display from the talented painter Leonardo Montoya of LeonardoMontoyArt.

People at the event couldn’t help but stop and witness Avi’s skillful talent while also admiring Leonardo’s magnificent painting. Avi live streamed his airbrushing in progress, which promoted our La Otra Cuba debut and brought his viewing audience into our universe, Leonardo posted pictures of the end product on his social media outlets, which introduces his audience to Airbrush Hero Avi Ram, and attendees to our event got to meet both artists face-to-face and purchase some of the artist’s artwork.

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