Share Art PopUp

Miami, FL | 2016

Share Art PopUp was Share Media Agency’s first branded popup gallery. The special project was conceived as a means to incorporate all the aspects of the agency’s client relations from showcasing emerging and established artists and design brands to drawing attention to an existing client’s  inaugural event (Antiques & Design Mall Art Fair), which was also conceived and implemented by Share Media Agency (See project, Antiques & Design Mall Miami).

Share Media Agency took advantage of two of the Antique & Design Mall’s newly developed vacant showroom/gallery spaces with 25-foot ceilings to create a one-of-a-kind concepts. Utilizing the high ceilings and the visibility from Biscayne Boulevard thanks to the galleries’ lengthy floor to mid-height windows, the agency brought in esteemed muralists to original, vibrant and captivating curate on the walls of the two spaces. Then the spaces were filled with art and design brands from showrooms and galleries within the Antiques & Design Mall as well as art and design brands from local and international artists and designers.

The end product were two impressive incubator galleries that not only promoted art and design brands associated with the agency and those housed in the showrooms and galleries of the Antique and Design Mall but also helped to promote the Antique & Design Mall itself and the mall’s inaugural Art Fair.

To sustain foot traffic to the two intimate incubator galleries and thus awareness of the mall, the agency developed workshops, artists’ meet and greets and hosted benefits on a weekly basis during the galleries’ 30-day presence from November 26th to December 26th, 2016.

The success of Share Art PopUp helped bring in over 500 art enthusiasts and guests to the opening night of the Art Fair and over 1,000 visitors throughout the length of the popup’s existence. Share Art Popup also helped to introduced the Antique and Design Mall to the members of its surrounding communities, which broadening the mall’s appeal from just that of its international clients.

Meet the Artists: 

Artist (Muralist) Renda Writer

Photographer Kevin Slack

Artist (Photographer) Gustavo Moser

Artist Stephanie Jaffe

Photographer Galdino Neto


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