GSN TV’s Avi Ram Airbrushes Live At #ElPortalArtFair

How cool is it that Skin Wars’ Season 2 Runner Up, Airbrush Hero Avi Ram, will be at the #ElPortalArtFair airbrushing LIVE! We partnered up with the Airbrush Hero to make the Art Fair’s promo video, that’s incredible.

The social media magnate’s airbrushing on the Art Fair’s promo video was broadcast live on Facebook, which attracted many Art Fair followers. And now he’ll be bringing that influencing power to the Art Fair itself. This is going to be simply marvelous to witness.

Make sure you come out on Friday, Feb. 3 and Saturday, Feb. 4 to see his magnificent airbrushing and camouflage skills.

Watch the promo video here.


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