Iconic Design Presents A Luxury Purse Trunk Show

The Iconic Design Gallery’s “Sumptuous Skin Trunk Show” is right on time for the El Portal 3rd Annual Art Fair at the Antiques & Design Mall, nestled on 87th and Biscayne.

Stationed inside the Iconic Design Gallery right next to the El Portal Art Gallery, will be the luxurious designs of Glen Arthur. The designer makes superb high-end purses and bags from exotic materials like crocodile, python, leather and suede.

Besides he’s exquisite purses and bags, Arthur also uses his exotic treasures to make coats, jackets and shawls. Be the showstopper to walk into an event with a GaBaG Co. python trench coat, a crocodile bomber jacket or a suede shawl.

Sumptuous Skin Trunk Show showcasing GaBaG Co. new collection was schedule for Tuesday, February 7 but Iconic Design Galley is opening the doors early so that El Portal Art Fair attendees can browse and shop Glen Arthur exquisite designs.

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