Antiques & Design Mall Miami

8650 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL USA

Antiques & Design Mall
8650 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL 33138


The Antiques & Design Mall is Florida’s premier location for Antiques, Collectibles, Mid- Century, Art Deco, Galleries and Designers. More than 50 dealers and designers from the US, Europe and South America are housed in the showrooms and galleries in the mall’s prime location at the crossroads of the City of Miami, the Village of El Portal and the City of Miami Shores.

Prior to 2016, the mall’s showrooms and galleries were widely known only to antique dealers and buyers. There were no major events that took place at the location and the surrounding communities only had a vague knowledge of its existence – to most it was just a sleepy strip mall.

Branding & Media Presence

Once Share Media Agency came onboard as the mall’s Public Relations and Marketing Firm, we went to work to build awareness of the mall’s presence and purpose. First, we branded the mall with its first ever logo, an elegant eye-catching icon, and established for the first time a website and social media pages to build the mall’s online presence.

Besides performing the daily public relations and marketing aspects of the mall, Share Media Agency has utilized the wide range of diversity in both the art and design brands of the mall along with the prime location to establish the mall’s first annual “Antiques & Design Mall Art Fair”.

Innovative Events

To promote the mall to the surrounding communities we created innovative events tailored to include community participation. Two of the first and most recent events we produced were the mall’s Art Fair and an incubator gallery. The two activations function as a means to build awareness of the mall’s physical location and communicate the mall’s purpose and engage the Miami community, particularly the surrounding three city (City of Miami Shores, Village of El Portal, City of Miami) members.

The Antiques & Design Mall Art Fair took place on November 26th, 2016 and concluded on December 10th, 2016, in the mist of Art Basel to help draw intention to the Art Fair. Throughout the length of the Art Fair, over 1,000 guests were attended to the mall’s crafted events that highlighted the mall’s showroom and galleries. The events included a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony complete with public officials from the surrounding cities, a visit from the Lincoln Rd. Antiques Show, showroom and gallery events and live art performances.


The incubator gallery titled Share Art PopUp was a unique concept that utilized two free galleries in the mall that served as a 30-day popup gallery. Each intimate gallery space included 25-foot hand painted murals the length of the galleries’ walls by local and international known muralist and art and design brands from showrooms inside the mall and from artists and designers in associate with the agency. During the length of the gallery existence November 26th to December 26th, the agency produced daily workshops, artists meet and greets and live art performance to enhance community participation.

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