El Portal 3rd Annual Art Fair

It was an esteemed honor when the Miami-Dade County, Village of El Portal Mayor Claudia Cubillos requested a proposal from Share Media Agency to head up the production and marketing of El Portal’s 3rd Annual Art Fair during the Village’s 80th anniversary year.

To give the event the grandeur it deserved, as the kick of the Village’s 80th anniversary celebration, Share Media Agency revamped the art fair in it’s entirety adding a second day of activities, developing an interactive preliminary activation, coordinating a creative promo video with a social media influencer and creating the ultimate outdoor-tented art gallery experience.

Share Media Agency crafted the 3rd Annual Art Fair as a two-day extravaganza opposed to the one-day event that took place the two years prior. The two-day affair included a Grand Opening Night complete with a new logo Unveiling Reception, a Concert, an Art Exhibit, Live Body Painting Camouflage and Food Trucks, and an Art Exhibit – Day 2 that included a Live Band Showcase, Fresh Food Farmers Market, Live Body Painting Camouflage, Yoga Class and Kid Activities – all available to the public at no cost with free parking.

To build awareness of the event and garner free publicity, Share Media Agency crafted a preliminary activation in the form of a Village New Logo (Seal) Contest. The interactive contest invited community members to submit their logo creations for the chance to win the coveted spot as the new official seal of El Portal. In a month time over 30 submissions were entered into the contest and 3 finalists and ultimately a winner was selected by the Village’s council members.

To keep the momentum going, Share Media Agency deployed a social media campaign asking the public, “which logo would you choose out of the 3?” And to tie the contest into the art fair, Share Media Agency set the new logo reveal during the Grand Opening Night at an Unveiling Reception of the art fair. The contest helped draw in pre- and post media publicity and subsequently helped to bring in over 400 attendees to the Grand Opening Night including public officials and media outlets.

Share Media Agency didn’t stop there, to continue to build awareness of the event the agency collaborated with GSN TV’s Skin War Season 2 Star Airbrush Hero by Avi Ram to develop a unique and fun promo video invite. The airbrush body painting camouflage artist is a social media influencer with over 22,ooo followers on Instagram alone. By live streaming the promo video while in action, promoting the completed video on social media and having the Airbrush Hero By Avi Ram at the art exhibit for both days body painting live, contributed to the over 1,000 guests who attended throughout the two-day art fair event.

Share Media Agency was able to produce such an extravagant event while offsetting cost to the Village of El Portal by commissioning the walls to artists in the outdoor-tented art gallery, using innovative and engaging concepts to gain free publicity and collaborating with existing clients in the agency’s portfolio like Antiques & Design Mall that hosted the affair.

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