Antiques & Design Mall Art Fair

The Antiques & Design Mall is a premier destination for antiques, collectibles, mid-century, art deco, fine art galleries and design firms, which was primarily known only by it’s international clients and collectors.

When Share Media Agency retained the account we knew it would be beneficial to build the awareness of the mall in it’s immediate area to increase their audience from just that of their clients to the public at-large. We devised a plan to create an activity that would draw the community in and keep them coming back for years on end. With its unique location at the crossroads of Miami, Miami Shores and El Portal, and the approaching world renown art festival Art Basel, we knew an art fair was a perfect way to achieve our objective.

The first annual Antiques & Design Mall Art Fair was held for 14 days during Miami Art Basel Week 2016. The annual fair took place on November 26th to December 10th and featured over 50 dealers within the interior design industries from across the USA, Europe and South America.

To highlight the individual showrooms and galleries within the mall we encourage and included workshops, lectures, artists’ showcases and exhibits hosted by each mall showroom or gallery.  In addition to highlighting the showrooms and galleries individual events, the fair hosted artist’s exhibitions, muralists, video art, live paintings and musical performances from Share Media Agency’s own rolodex of artists and designers.

The entire event was a collage of moving parts from the branding to the daily art fair activities. To create a buzz about the event, we created promotional material that was artistic and eye-catching from wall murals (The Divas) on the mall’s exterior walls to inviting public officials to the grand opening for a ribbon cutting that help to attack press.

To promote the event throughout it’s duration we had videos created to utilize on social media. We also crafted original content highlighting the participating artists and designers that were housed on the mall’s website and shared on social media to reach and entice more attendees. 


We also created an incubator gallery titled Share Art PopUp to add to the art fair. We utilized two free galleries in the mall that served as a 30-day popup gallery. Each intimate gallery space included 25-foot hand painted murals the length of the galleries’ walls by local and international known muralist and art and design brands from showrooms inside the mall and from artists and designers in associate with the agency. During the length of the gallery existence November 26th to December 26th, the agency produced daily workshops, artists meet and greets and live art performance to enhance community participation.

The event was a success! We had more than 50 different artists and design brands on display. over 500 guests attended the Art Fair and Share Art PopUp opening night. We obtained great sponsors:Pinch Kitchen (Food Sponsor), Imagen (Publication Sponsor) and Blue Nectar Tequila and Purus Organic Vodka (Liquor Sponsors).  And there was over 1,000 mall visitors over the months of October and December with an overall foot traffic average of 50 people a day.

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