Jameer Baptiste

Public Relations

Jameer Baptiste is a Florida International University graduate with a degree in Public Relations and Political Science. He first utilized he degrees as the campaign director and communications manager for SAVE, a non-profit LGBT advocacy (political) organization based in Miami, FL. After the political season ended and he helped to elect Florida’s first gay State House Representative, David Richardson, Mr. Baptiste, focusing on his PR skills, went to work with Miami Beach Pride as the non-profit’s exhibition coordinator. There, he implemented communication techniques and procedural documents to streamline the coordination of over 100 vendors and volunteers.

Noticing his organizationals skills as well as his PR talents, a Miami Beach Pride client retained (FunMaps, an online and print LGBT directory) Mr. Baptiste as their South Florida Representative and website manager. There, Mr. Baptiste increase website conversion rates by implementing resourceful weekly blogs that were advertised on all the company’s social media portals.

The increased conversion rates helped FunMaps gain in popularity and soon the company was purchased by the once publicly traded media company, Multi Media Platforms. Mr. Baptiste transitioned with the company and began writing for two of the media company’s South Florida publications, Next (formerly known as Guy) magazine and the Florida Agenda newspaper. He eventually went on to be Next magazine’s coordinating editor.

After the debunk company folded, Mr. Baptiste employed his PR skills and writing talents here at Share Media Agency where he serves as the PR Specialist.

Miami, FL