PR, Marketing & Branding firm
based in the MiMo District, Miami.

Share Media Agency is a boutique Public Relations, Branding, and Advertising firm that specializes in innovative marketing solutions, online community building, and international sales development.

Our agency works with all types of businesses and individuals to support their marketing, branding, and business development needs. Our ideal customers are emerging players in their industry and include artists, gallery and business owners, local city and government agents, and communities at large.

Through our unique share network of ambassadors and social media mavens, we create content viewed by millions of users in multiple interactive platforms. We build your company’s reputation using share’s social network as part of our customer service and brand strategy.

We believe that, through the creative sector, we can impact personal, institutional and community change. Our team has a strong and successful track record of sponsoring and developing sustainable cultural organizations, building relationships with influencers and brand-appropriate organizations within the community.

Our Core Values

In an ever-changing world, our core values remain constant and guide us in every phase of our work. These fundamental elements form a foundation that defines, inform, and guide our professional practice.

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We thrive off of creative and innovative thinking, always strategizing and developing new projects, specific to each client, by thinking outside of the box.
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We pride ourselves on being welcoming to all and on working with a diverse group of people from across the globe in every facet of our creativity.
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Share Media Agency adheres to a strict code of ethics and promotes transparency at all times to guarantee our clients are involved and happy with their services.
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As an agency, we work closely and collaborate with local artists, design brands, influencers, entrepreneurs and businesses to promote synergy and community building.
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We believe that through Philanthropy, we can help the growth of both our agency and our clients by enriching the communities in which we live and serve and therefore improving the quality of our lives, and our work.
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As a boutique agency, we utilize every resource at our fingertips to ensure our innovative strategies and creative events function at their best.
Our Fantastic Team

The work of any creative agency is only as good as the creative minds behind the smoke and mirrors so we’ve wrangled together a group of talented individuals who love what they do and with over 40 years of combined experience, are pretty darn good at it.

We also happen to believe that, through the creative sector, we can impact personal, institutional, and community change.


Lior Halabi


Lior comes from a background in retail and politics. He could live his life on pizza and Isreali Coffee. In addition to his role as President at Share, Lior is also the Co-Founder of Coming Out Cuba and the unofficial ambassador to the MiMo Arts District.


Osmany Caballero

Art & Design Director

Osmany used to work as a curator and dealer for the Art and Design industries, and has worked with the likes of Romero Britto, Adrianna Hoyos, and other prominent industry players. Osmany is also the Co-Founder of the Coming Out Cuba Foundation.


Melanie Gapany

Content Marketing Manager

Melanie was born in Brazil but spent little time there. She’s a creative writing buff with degrees from Miami Dade College and UCF and is a bit obsessed with communication. In her spare time, she watches bad television comedies and sings to her dogs.


Lorenzo Pistoni

Digital Marketing Manager

Lorenzo can fool you into thinking he’s quiet, but trust us, he is anything but. Lorenzo actually hosts a hit Italian radio show for Radio 105 and is a total genius when it comes to marketing. Lorenzo is a sports enthusiast and loves bacon and U2.


Sarah El Mouden

Graphic Designer

Whatever you’re making, Sarah can make it pretty. With a BA in Graphic Design from AI Miami under her belt, Sarah was recently recognized by the ICMAD for her packaging design. She’s lived almost all over the world and is a big fan of minimal design.


Jameer Baptiste

Community Outreach

Jameer Baptiste is a graduate of FIU’s Public Relations and Political Science program. His background spans serving as the campaign director and communications manager for a non-profit LGBT advocacy organization to running his own magazine.

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